Ingryda Suokaitė and Roland Helmer. "IMPRESSIONS OF COLORS AND SHAPES"

2022 05 21

Lithuanian artist Ingryda Suokaitė exhibits paintings and collages in the exhibition. Having organized her exhibition of paintings and graphics “Boundaries of Colors” at the Vilnius Picture Gallery five years ago, the artist is already recognizable to Lithuanian viewers by her highly refined, loud color harmonies and clear form works. She creates using colors, as if embodying her teacher Georg Meistermann's idea - "Human life is surrounded by colors", and shapes this concept of pictorial language boldly and openly, leaving no room for the nuances of color. The brightness of colors, contrasts and highly expressive, dynamic composite structures implemented in collage techniques are important in the works. Works from the cycle "Emerging Shapes", where the most important role is played by dynamic, optically nut-shaped color forms, framed or accentuated by ropes (according to I. Suokaitė herself - "strings"). Another group of works - "Space and Emptiness" - stands out with minimalist compositions of white tones with a dominant empty space and collage accents of geometric structures and colors. I. Suokaitė and her husband R. Helmer have organized an exhibition in Germany, where their works are called "sonore" ("loud, cliffs") and "spiccato" ("strong"), respectively. The plastic sounds of both of their creations sound harmonious, clear and in different intonations in this exhibition.

Roland Helmer
represents a wide range of specific art in Germany, based on the precisely calculated construction of colors, lines and shapes and planes. The artist claims to use "purely formal elements, such as color and shape, which in the plane and space do not function as abstract signs that visually convey a sense of nature, but turn into concrete means to transpose the constructive idea of ​​paintings." R. Helmer's work is inspired by the work of the Bauhaus School, artists of abstractionists, creators of optical art, representatives of surrealism and abstract expressionism. R. Helmer cyclically developed his research in the field of plastic expression with the techniques of painting, graphics, embossed surface shapes, glass, textile art, collages and drawings. He has become a serial work and has recently focused heavily on spatial paintings. The exhibition features exhibits from 1963 to 2015. works by R. Helmer were created: graphics (screen printing), compositions created with painting technique (wax crayons) and three-dimensional painting.

The curator of the exhibition is Nijolė Nevčesauskienė

: 2022-01-26