1994 The Samogitian Art Museum (ŽDM), established in 1945, took over a small library of encyclopedias, dictionaries, history, geography, linguistics, literary criticism and fiction from the former Construction Technical School in Oginskis. From the first days of the establishment of the HRM, the collection of more valuable publications in art, culture, history and archeology began. At present, the scientific library (MB) has already accumulated over 10 thousand. printed matter - albums of art and photography, culture, history and archeology, local lore, museology, religious publications, dictionaries, encyclopedias, fiction. The MB is also a collection of old prints, based on old prints (about 250 copies) purchased from the collector Juozapas Kikilas from the then head of the Plungė Culture Department Danutė Malakauskienė. Part of this fund consists of a collection of the period of the press ban (1864–1904), as well as fiction, historical and other literature published in the interwar period. At present, the library houses about a few hundred XIX-XX century. exhibits-books. The most valuable of them: Henrion, M. Le Baron. History of the Catholic Mission / Departments of the 13th century was considered as such; par M. Le Baron Henrion, Académie de la Religion catholique, des Académie et Société royales de Metz et de Nancy, Chevalier de lʼOrdre des Saints - Maurice- et - Lazare, Commandeur de lʼOrdre de Saint –Grégoire - le - Grand. Tome second. Second party. Paris: Gaume frères, libraires - éditeurs, 1847. 688 p .: coat of arms, illustr. Mémoires de Michel Oginski sur la Pologne et les polonais, depuis 1788 jusqu᾽a la fin de 1815. Tome premier. Paris: Chez l᾽éditeur, chez Ponthieu, libraire, Genève, Barbezat et Delarue, libraires, 1826. 511 p .: margin., Ekslibr. Kraszewski, Józef Ignacy. Wedrowki literackie. Fantastic and historical. W Wilnie: w Drukarni S. Blumowicza. w Domu JO. Xiẹcia Ogińskiego, 1839. 175 p .: INIC. MB stands out and is kept in Plungė as part of the personal library of the historian Zenonas Ivinskis (1908–1971), a historian from Plungė district, who had been with other hosts for half a century. It consists of 805 prints published in the 16th-19th centuries. The collection includes most publications on historical topics - about Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Prussia and other neighboring countries; there are also books on art, religion, grammar and dictionaries in various languages. MB archives: historian Zenon Ivinsky; philosopher, journalist, translator Prano Mantvydas (1894–1960); teacher, ethnographer Eleonora Chainauskaitė-Ravickienė (1916–2004); Professor Ignas Končius, a physicist and ethnographer (1886–1975); bibliophile Augustino Rimkaus (1929–2005).
: 2022-06-13