2023 09 28

This exhibition showcasses the works of six prominent contemporary artists from Lithuania and Latvia and offers a unique opportunity to explore the representation of the human figure in painting. For a considerable time, painting and in particulary portret painting has been overlooked in the art world. In recent decades, artists have become increasingly captivated by the digital medium, causing painting to appear outdated. But this has changed. However the digital culture has also brought forth a fresh understanding that a single image can possess immense storytelling power. We now recognize that pictures, just like words, have the ability to evoke dreams, stimulate thought, and help us comprehend the people and environments that surround us. This new awareness has greatly benefited painters, who, despite the availability of digital images, have chosen to express themselves through the medium of paint.

The exhibition delves into various themes revolving around the depiction of the human figure, exploring our perception and interpretation of the world surounding us. It also highlights the translation of these diverse experiences onto a two-dimensional surface. Each and everyone of participating artists possess exceptional technical skills, which they combine with complex references to history, art history, and contemporary visual culture. They intentionally distort, transform, and imbue the human figure with new forms and meanings. This creative process spans from abstraction and symbolism to idealism and glorification. As a result, each artist projects their individual perspective and understanding of the world onto the depiction of the human form.

Since 1991, painting in Lithuania and Latvia has undergone a vibrant and powerful resurgence. Contemporary painters skillfully blend traditional techniques with contemporary themes, narratives, and symbols. They demonstrate that painting can be a hidden gem, captivating and thought-provoking medium, engaging viewers with its inherent allure and suprising messages

: 2023-09-28