Exhibition of paintings by Antanas Šeronas "Time notes"

2022 06 16

Exhibition of paintings by Antanas Šeronas

"Time notes"


We are living in such a controversial period, which will be historically forgotten
in the future due to our constraints, which are growing in some other areas
that were previously on the margins of priorities. People make conscious
choices, such as watching news or creating their own message for the world.
It and its significance depend on the characteristics of the person himself,
his interests, the circle of activity. Naturally, this leaves its mark.
You want to look back at what is simple but not banal, and real and relevant.
An impulse emerges, it becomes meaningful to appreciate
temporary moments that may not recur.

Every person's sense of time is different, but in any case it affects not
only people's perceptions and customs, but also things. The old rakandas,
their remains, lurked in these canvases as memories coming from
the mirages of childhood. According to art critic Vaidilutė Brazauskaitė:
“the interiors in Antanas Šeronas' paintings are“ engaging ”,
immediately captivating with the inner, somewhat dim light, taking
some thoughts to the seen French modernist interior etudes…
Light from distant windows, other thonet-style chairs, pianos made
me enjoy quite nostalgically not only the fragmentary, precise compositions,
but also the colorful nuances, the purposefulness and grace of the stroke.
Using the innate abilities of a real painter, the artist was able to capture
not only images of the past, the disappearing nature, but also to perceptibly
introduce a sense of the dimension of time into his pictorial space.
The weathering things are very expressive, everyone has their own
individual, unique story. All the works in the exhibition are not only
objects, but also rituals, smells, colors and feelings conveyed by images
of everyday life, and this still-life everyday life invites to experience the
impression of stagnant time, to feel the pace of time better for everyone.
Inviting a return to Lithuanian culture and everyday traditions, the origins
of one or another life, raises the question of Lithuanian identity.



: 2022-01-26