Jubilee exhibition of Juozas Bagdas

2022 01 28

Juozas Bagdonas (1911–2005)

Lithuanian artist, honorary citizen of Plungė, one of the most active creators of the Samogitian Art Museum - was born in 1911. December 11 near Plungė, in the village of Second Vydeikiai, in a farmer's family.
Died in 2005. April 11, buried in Kaunas, Eiguliai cemetery, family cemetery.
Fate paved the way for Juozas Bagdonas so that the first childish and last steps of the world-famous artist were left in the palace of Duke Mykolas Oginskis: at that time he visited the Plungė gymnasium (1923–1926), and returned to most of the most mature works were entrusted to the Samogitian Art Museum.
The Museum of Samogitian Art and the work of the artist Juozas Bagdonas are like two poles that unite and protect the identity of contemporary Samogitian art and generate the opening of its layers to the world.
J. Bagdonas, who graduated from Telšiai Gymnasium and his parents moved to Kaunas, in 1929. continued his studies at the Kaunas School of Art and the private studio of Justinas Vienožinskis. The two years spent in the studio under the leadership of the talented post-impressionist J. Vienožinskis made a significant impact on the novice artist J. Bagdon. An excellent educator was able to give students courage and self-confidence - unleashing the creative powers of young artists, highlighting the strengths of their talent.
At the age of just twenty-one, J. Bagdon organized the first creative exhibition in the premises of the Lithuanian-French Society. In the exhibition organized in Kaunas to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Lithuania's Independence, he won the first state prize for the figurative composition “Upon Returning from the Sea”.
: 2022-01-26