The exhibition "Colors and Structures"

2022 06 16

Gintautas Vaičys
Colors and stuctures (painting)

"Colors and Structures" is a selected personal exhibition of the painter Gintautas Vaičys, which exhibits a collection of more than twenty abstract paintings created in recent years.

 Gintautas Vaičys is a famous representative of the middle generation of Lithuanian painters, an active member of the Lithuanian Artists' Union, a former student of the expatriate art grandmaster Kęstutis Zapkus, who belonged to the legendary, back in the 20th century. pab. to the famous group of young artists of that time "Good Evils".

 The exhibition "Colors and Structures" is dominated by rhythmic variations of intense color compositions - next to acrylic canvases, the artist presents experimental collages of author's technique. Gintautas Vaičys' abstractions based on both contrasting and nuanced color spots stand out with their constructive layout logic and subtle gradation of sensitively painted tones. According to the author, “... I am looking for a rhythm that I compose from complex regular lines and black segments. Because our life is a rhythmic repetition of everything. Breath and heartbeat, successive seasons, sunsets and sunrises, tides ... ”

 This exhibition is an exceptional opportunity not only to see the latest works of Kaunas artist Gintautas Vaičys, but also to conceptually rethink the development and perspectives of abstract Lithuanian art.

 Art critic Rita Mikučionytė

About outhor:

Lives and works in Kaunas.

1987–1993 studied in Vilnius Art Academy. Member of Lithuanian Artists' Union since 1999. Member of Borussia Cultural Association since 2014.

70 personal exhibitions were organized in Lithuania and 20 solo exhibitions abroad (Estonia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland).

Participated in 300 group exhibitions in Lithuania and in 100 group exhibitions abroad.

The works are in collections: MO Museum in Vilnius (Lithuania), MKČ National Museum in Kaunas (Lithuania), Light Museum in Pultusk (Poland), Grunwald Art Collection in Olsztyn (Poland), Samuolis Art Collection in Kaunas (Lithuania) and in private collections in Lithuania and abroad.


: 2022-01-26