About us

The Samogitian Art Museum (Žemaičiai Art Museum) operating in Mykolas Oginskis Palace since 1994 has collected and exhibited museum valuables reflecting the historical variety of the Samogitian region, and has preserved and cherished the traditions of Mykolas Oginskis Manor. Expositions invite the visitors to learn about the pieces of the 20th – 21st century professional fine arts which were granted to the museum by the Samogitian artists living in Lithuania and abroad.
The homestead of the museum is a former ensemble of the Duke Michael Nikolaus Severin Mark Oginski’s (1849–1902) manor the buildings of which were built in the period from 1873 to 1886. From 1879 to 1902, there was an orchestra school in the manor founded by M. Oginski. Here, from 1889 to1893 a to-be-famous Lithuanian painter and composer Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (1875–1911) was studying.

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